What your branded YouTube channel can learn from “Marie TV” by Marie Forleo?

What your branded YouTube channel can learn from "Marie TV" by Marie Forleo?

Women entrepreneurs need inspiration. Everyone loves Oprah, but when we ask business ladies which branded Youtube channels they watch, they would often refer to the channels that belong to famous male entrepreneurs. Luckily we have Marie TV created by a very successful and prominent public figure and business woman Marie Forleo. She is a true inspiration for millions of women around the world. So what can we learn from it?

One of the best ways to learn is to look what successful entrepreneurs do and think how it can benefit your business. And then implement it. Sort of stalking, but for good 🙂

The truth is those successful entrepreneurs, who already have big companies, also have a big budget to research and follow the trends. Not because they are smarter than you, but because research made by the big teams with wider abilities. That’s why they show better results at the end of the day.

Last month I studied Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel “Marie TV.”And here are a few observations:

  1. Her videos at the beginning 2011-2013 look like yours and mine (home made not that pro). She was not born as a TV star and made her videos in T-shirts with casual background and no special light. And it’s fine if you have such videos on your YouTube channel, relax, no one expects Oprah from you at the beginning.
  2. She is very consistent and posts regularly. More importantly, she sends her viewers to her blog almost in every video and asks them to
  • Tweet,
  • add a comment to the blog,
  • ask questions

Always add strategic Call to Action! She doesn’t ask them to subscribe usually. She asks them to participate in the discussion or spread the word. Why? Because she builds the connection and the public conversation around her brand!

  1. She was always the play sweet and funny TV host, and frankly, it was always a bit artificial. Like some local TV. If you would see her in interviews, she behaves differently and much more serious just like any business lady would. Now she gets it! Recently she introduced a whole new series. And for all those who say that there is no place for pyjamas on YouTube, here it is! The series called Marie Unplugged, she just shows her normal life, just her, her friends, her partner, no makeup, nothing artificial. I bet she will double her sales and popularity with it 😉 Because now she is authentic like never before, believable, trustworthy and down to the Earth.

I hope this observation will help you to create your own BRANDED YouTube channel where you show the true colours of your brand, your personality and unique gifts. Means you will be you, your biz will be your biz, and your brand will rock :).
Also, notice how she uses her tagline to make her channel memorable!

Remember, there are no limits for creativity 🙂

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