Why Visual Storytelling?

Why Visual Storytelling?

The visual storytelling is at the peak of its popularity. Coaches suggest to share your story; marketers put pictures all around your Social media channels. So what next? The specialists of design trends 2016 say its Visual Storytelling. They claim that stock photography is too overused and to achieve success; businesses have to put more thought on the custom photography and hire professional designers. But I know from the experience that budgets are often limited, that’s why I suggest using your smartphone and learn the visual storytelling for business online communications.

Even if we ignore the cliche about one picture and thousand words, visuals still work faster and more efficiently than the words alone. The long story on a page can be delivered via just one visual. Check it out, video needs some time to describe all from the script, the book takes hours or weeks to read, the theatre will take your evening. And only photographs and images take seconds to give a complete understanding of the story behind (well, not always, but almost all the time).

The Internet experts say that people process visual elements 60,000 times faster than reading words, sounds awesome isn’t it? So as pictures and videos add a lot of life to your story, choose to give them more attention.

And food for thought – “you are what you share”, it seems the world changed so fast 😉

P.S. Will love to see your thoughts in comments. Cheers 🙂

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