Why is nobody buying if I paid for my site logo, and now I’m a brand?

Why is nobody buying if I paid for my site logo, and now I'm a brand?

This issue is more common than you think. There are too many people who think their products will sell themselves.  First of all logo and site do not mean that you are a brand. Even a registered trademark doesn’t make you a brand. This is important to know. The truth number two. You do not need a site, a logo and a brand when you have just started (unless you sell physical products then you may need a temporary logo to be put on them because you are going to change it anyway). So what do you need to start your biz? If you have a product and you want to share it with people, all you need is a Facebook page, a Facebook group and several social media accounts. And well they are all free. Eventually, you will need an emailing program and maybe a few others, all within $10 per month.

If you have physical products, you can add them on Etsy or Amazon.

It is always harder to advertise a personal site than a place on a popular platform.
Those who tell you that Facebook has its rules and those are not yours, well, I lost three sites because of my provider’s mistakes. Sites also do not belong to you, so there is not much difference except that you do not need to pay in the beginning.

And remember it’s the test stage of your business and all you need to do is to start selling. All you need is marketing at this stage and you DON’T NEED A BRAND at this stage! Money first — brand later!

Here is one of the many FB live sessions about it from my group. (It’s a phone quality video do not judge it hard)

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