Why brand your company if you are a solopreneur or have a small business?


About a year ago, one of our clients decided to change his site. His reason, however, was specific. He said that he had lost several opportunities to those who provided lesser quality. Also, his prospects were ready to pay more to a couple of competitors who had bigger prices, but provided with the same quality as he does.
We explained to him that the brochure and the site wouldn’t help him to reach the stage where he wants to be. And he needs branding. Here is why.

  1. Clients willing to pay more for better quality. But to do that, they need to know you. They need the testimonials, and they need to trust you. Good branding will take care of it.
  2. It’s much better if a client already heard about you. If you come with credentials, testimonials and everyone talks about you, your potential customers will trust you more.
  3. Can you do this without branding? Branding provides you, and your prospects, with the clarity about what you do, why you do it and how they benefit out of it. It gives you valuable tools to create an image in customer’s mind so they notice you, remember your brand, and decide to work with you. Without this instrument and the system, it will be a longer process with no expectations.

But branding does not need to be heavy. You can start with the social media branding and build the environment for your space fast and efficiently. You may like to increase it later, that up to you. For instance, Social media Kit will make your content branded on a highest possible level without big investments.

How can social media branding benefit your business?

Branding is powerful, it changes your mind and helps you to grow your business. But it’s a big exercise, and many solopreneurs are at the stage when they just need to attract a few new clients online. In the beginning, you do not need to have all branding element like v-cards, letterheads or even logo.

Branding sets up four key aspects of your biz.

  1. Clients know what you do
  2. They also know how you different from competitors
  3. You know who your customers are
  4. You act as your brand

You can create awareness about those factors on a colossal scale if you want to operate globally. But you can also start from the smaller level in social media without advertisements. Please do not think that if you do not pay for ads, it has to be a free exercise. Can you become your own dentist? Same with branding. Hire a good brand expert who will provide you with strategy, plans and of cause design.

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