What Is Aperture in camera?

What Is Aperture in camera?

The aperture definition in digital photography


The aperture is the unit of measurement that defines the size of the opening in the lens. The size of this hole will regulate the image sensor’s degree of exposure to the light.
It measures in F-stops. The diaphragm is the device which controls the aperture opening. So we can say that the aperture is the hole which control the light entering trough the lens to the image sensor.


Get the DOF
The aperture controls depth of field (DOF) the smaller F-stop number the more blurred background you will get and opposite, a background will look sharp with the large F-stop number. When people talk about small F-stop numbers it called “big aperture” and when its large F-stop number it called “small aperture”. Even though it sounds confusing that just refers to the size of the opening when the aperture is wide open and more light gets in it shown with small numbers such as F/1.8 it called “big aperture”. “Small aperture” (F/14 or F/22) refers to the small hole and lesser light entering in.
What Is Aperture in camera?
Moving objects and aperture
While “small aperture” provides more sharpness it also requires more time to perform. Which also guide us to the conclusion that when we deal with the moving objects we may like to use “big aperture” unless we want some blur motion effect. But what if you want to photograph people in the restaurant and it doesn’t have big windows and light is dim, but you still need a sharp picture? You will make an adjustment to the other components in exposure triangle, read here how.


Buying the lens

Every lens has its own aperture ratio. The smaller number on the lens (F/1.2 or F/2) the better it behaves in a low light situations. However, if you only shoot with studio lights you may be fine with the larger numbers on your lenses such as F/5. As we talking about food photography here where the nice bokeh is an advantage, you may like to purchase lenses with bigger aperture diameter (F/1.2 or F/2). And for sure read some reviews before buying.

 What Is Aperture in camera?
P.S. If you like to click stories about street food, markets, malls and other activity you may need to use faster shutter speed in a low light condition. In this situation, you will need to adjust shutter speed aperture and ISO read here how.
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