The secret of successful online business is in confidence!

One important thing you need to know: Confidence starts within!

Yes, you have heard me right, it can’t be given to you by anyone else, only you can gift it to yourself.

Then, why it seems some of us born with it and the others are struggling to get even a glimpse of it?

We all were born in different families, lives, and circumstances. Those people and situations shaped us without us even know about it. How often do you repeat your Mom’s words or keep hearing an annoying voice of a terrible teacher? Let’s say, all of us have own skeletons in the cupboard. The only difference between confident and not confident people is honesty.

Admit that you have “limiting beliefs” and issues, and maybe need help. We all have fears, and once we conquer the old fears a new layer rise and we need to work on that new fears again. Life is a constant work on ourselves. We can make it better, if we work on our limiting beliefs, to free ourselves from the moulds and cliches worn on us by the society.

Can we even be confident, when we are living for others, fulfilling other’s dreams, and keeping other people’s thoughts in our heads? I don’t think so.

So, confidence starts from within. You start knowing yourself, your purpose and passion, removing thoughts that do not belong to you, then “Poof”, you get your confidence back. But before it happens you will need to face your inner dragons. “How many dragons are you talking about?”-You may ask. Well, no matter how many, all are yours 🙂

The secret of successful online business is in confidence!

The real path to authentic brand lies within. If you are a coach or an expert and you deliver your services in-person and popularise yourself with video, you can’t lie. People will see you; you can’t hide, they will see if you are confident if you believe in yourself if you can lead them.

So, the job worth the time spent on it. Once you start moving towards liberation, you will find that you can communicate and convey your thoughts with ease. Everything else will come with practice.

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How self-presentation can enhance your confidence, brand and business are they really connected?

Today we talk about self-presentation and its importance in your business and branding.

Imagine you meet someone at a trade show and they say:
“Pleased to meet you, what do you do for a living?”

And when you give your title, what would it be? Does it give them an idea what you are doing and how it can help them?

The truth is — clients are everywhere. An accidental meeting may bring you a customer or a new friend who knows someone who needs your services right now. That’s why it’s so important to create a self-explanatory title and support it with a short crisp description.

Because when they say next, “Really, how exciting!”

How self-presentation can enhance your confidence, brand and business are they really connected?

You know what to answer. You would have a clear short description that supports your title and gives people a fair idea about your business and what you can offer.

In the book “Telling Your Brand Story” Robert Marsh says:

“When we think about brands, we use the same parts of the brain that we use when we think about our friends and loved ones. We even subconsciously attribute human traits and beliefs to brands. And, we expect brands to act as humans would in our interactions with them. Believe it or not, many consumers actually want a closer relationship with the brands they like. With these brands at least, consumers want to communicate more often.”

Do you have your title and a short description that can help you to build relationships with your prospects?

25 useful resources and tools to use for your branding

When I got this question for the first time, I was confused. What tools do we use for branding? Hmm, my answer was between every tool to there are no tools. So here is the list that may help you to add some “branding tools” to your collection.


The brand foundation is always about why, values, mission and vision and so on. The best way to get inspiration for new entrepreneurs and coaches are available here in these resources:


We need to learn all the time. It’s undeniable. Some resources for learning might be:


Yes, successful, consistent branding is a lot about good design no doubts. Tools for design:


You can learn how to improve your copy, but another important part is grammar. Here are the resources about copy:


“Spreading the word” is one of the best ways to grow your business especially when you share valuable content. But where to add it? Well, it depends on your business, fish where fish are.
Here are few Ideas:

Hope this list gave you an idea or inspiration. I use all these tools to work with my brand or with my client’s brands. Sure, there are many more resources. If you have your favourite share it in the comments below. Let’s learn from each other.

How to brief your remote creative team if you are a coach or online entrepreneur?

When you grow your business, you will need to delegate and brief your team. Obviously, as an entrepreneur, you can’t do everything by yourself.

But here is the mistake that majority of entrepreneurs do.
They hire a designer, a VA, a copywriter, some tech people, advertising coach, business coach, and few other people and then wonder why nothing moves forward despite all this hiring? They don’t really know what they do. If they hire newbies they don’t know how to direct them. If they hire professionals they interfere in the process and never receive good results. The obvious solution is to learn!

There are many reasons why your business stuck.
One is the absence of the holistic picture about your brand. To grow your business, you need to build a brand that communicates your core values. You need to create an idea around your business that prospects can relate to. But how to do it you may ask.

Well, there are three ways:

  • First, hire a brand agency who will do everything for you, including hiring people on your behalf.
  • Second, hire a brand expert who will also supervise your creative team so that you can have a consistent, cohesive brand, that always delivers your core message.
  • Third, become the Creative Director of your business. You are going to create an idea that you want to see in your client’s mind and you are going to brief your team to follow your brand. Is that even possible? If you like to turn your business into a brand, there is no better place to learn than Brand + Photo School!

When you brief your team, you need to have an idea what your customers suppose to feel when they see your ads, visit your site or spot your post in their timeline. You’ll need to learn how to create design, copy and tech to hire the right talent (If you don’t know how things work you will never know who to hire). You don’t need to become a best photographer or designer yourself, all you need is to get an idea how to explain and achieve what you want.

How to brief your creative team

Raise your standards, look for the top players in a market and try to deliver at that level. As a team leader, you will need to inspire your team and explain to them what your brand is all about and who is it for. Apart from the creative part, there is a tech and branding that you need to learn to see through the perspectives that your business has in a nearby future. Download this simple tech brief!

In conclusion:

Create a holistic picture in your mind first. Design a Customer’s’ Journey so that they will see a very cohesive, consistent brand across all media. Build a connection with people and always emphasise on the core message and values of your brand. See your brand through the eyes of your prospects and always deliver what they need through what they want.
Sounds complicated? Well, you always can choose option one 🙂

How to get known in your industry when you are a coach or a small online business?

The corporate world and the entrepreneurial world are very different. While one is suppressing individuals to make them a valuable part of a well-maintained machine, the world of solopreneurs is more about self-development and growth.

Women often leave the corporate career in search of a purpose and their lost individuality. No wonder, when they hear about branding, they think it’s not for them, as it’s a part of their corporate past. Well, let’s find out, if branding is meant to be a part of only huge companies, or it can help a woman entrepreneur on the way to find herself?

First of all, let’s once again check the definition of a brand.

A brand is an image in the customer’s mind, created by a customer based on the experience of product/service, data from various information channels and the feedback of other users/customers

Being formed in customers’ minds, brands need to build a relationship with clients to sell more and to create new customers almost on autopilot.

Is that something different than that what every entrepreneur wants?
Does that mean that branding for corporates and solopreneur will be the same?

There’s a difference. While corporates just need to increase their audience and they use branding techniques almost blindly, solopreneurs and coaches are in the different boat. They want to find their passion, do what they love, find the purpose and make something that makes sense. Also, just like big corporates, they also want to make money, but their reasons are often different and more personal. Unlike big businesses, a solopreneur has a lot of emotional involvement in business. It’s a human to human business. And apart from the responsibility they always think…

  • What if I am not able to make it?
  • What if I am not able to make enough money to do what I love long enough?
  • I don’t want to back to a corporate world, please, I don’t want it….

For those who start getting the first glimpse of freedom, ability to be with family, and be an owner of their time, those thoughts are a nightmare.

Surprisingly, branding can help you to move any business to a new level. But will solopreneurs allow well known valid methods to shape their business?

Let’s briefly see, why a coach a small business or a solopreneur need to start their branding?

1. Clarity.

What is this business for, what it does and who the customers? It also involves some research about the market before it’s operational. Competitors, trends, the size of the market.
I know you may repeat some things that you’ve heard “There is no competition” (These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for). But competition is the sign of demand. And it’s an important factor to research.

2. Authority.

Since you know what you are doing and who the buyers are, you also know what the other propositions in the market available. You need to build an authority and positioning. In other words become a recognised expert in your industry. Talk about your values and what your brand stands for. Find content from the respected sources that prove your point. It’s easy to say but where and how to start?

Check this video.

3. Consistency.

Here’s when branding elements come into the picture and help people remember your brand and recognise it when you post a new valuable information. And if they like your brand, they may choose to follow you, that means they may subscribe or buy from you to deepen the experience with that what you offer.

If all is built right, your new clients will become loyal ambassadors of your brand and will recommend your services just because they love them. Guess what? That’s the time when your business starts growing on autopilot.