Five steps of getting a brand out there in an already saturated market.

People love systems, step by step guides, roadmaps, so they ask about it. Consider this is the checklist of the top 5 methods that you will apply to your brand sooner or later 🙂


Successful Branding is always about clarity. Unless you know who your clients are, it’s difficult to reach right ears. Clarity on this comes with research and tonnes of interviews with your potential prospects. Once they tell you what problems they have, you are halfway through. Now you know what they want.


Build your offer based on customers’ desires and add in it what they need to achieve results. Offers that sell theory sells poorly and rarely bring returning customers. Those people who got results will buy again and will invite more customers.

Five steps of getting a brand out there in an already saturated market.,


Brand Positioning is powerful. What place does your brand take in a customer’s mind? Do they know what your brand is all about? Do they know why your brand does what it does? Do they know what your brand stands for and where it leads customers?
Positioning answers a few questions: Who does it? Who is the target audience? How it is beneficial and different? And why clients can trust this brand?


So if you follow the lead by now, you already know: to whom you sell, what you sell, and why they buy. It’s time to build an authority. A good product is never enough. Great marketing and branding help clients to make a choice in a crowded market and join your brand tribe. How to achieve it? The valuable content that brings result and a logical addition to the curated content will do it for you. People need to see you as the go-to expert, they need to know that you know your subject and can help them to find the solution. They need to know that you know this subject in depth and ability to help them.


Ok, now what? You have a lot of content, and you post it to your blog, but nobody read. Posting to your blog is not enough. You need to show up via social media. You need to visit offline meetings (depends on your business model). You need to communicate as much as you can. Give interviews, take interviews, take part in public events. Be present on professional networks. There are thousands of ways how you can spread the word and it is different for every business. Find your way to be visible and find some eyeballs for your content.

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What makes a strong brand?

Bill Bernbach once said — Word of mouth is the best medium of all.

A strong brand belongs to people. They want to communicate with it, build the relationship with it, they are eager to recommend it and be a part of its tribe.

Strongest brands always research what they customers want and what they need. They deliver the best possible result consistently. Frankly, over the years the word “brand” becomes the synonym of quality. Ever heard the phrase “branded product”. People are willing to believe to brands. Why? Because brands have a reputation and consistent delivery of the great customer experience. Strong brands always look ahead. Today’s target audience for them are children of their buyers.

Brands give more. If you research the most popular brands, you may find that many of them have some charity program. They lift up weak because now they are strong. And if you think that they do it just for a good publicity you are wrong. I worked with many huge brands that do their charity silently. They provide medical services in small villages. They build free education programs and help those in needs. And they never advertise it, so you have no idea about it. How do I know? We designed their reports for the partners who they want to involve in charity. So I know big brands are often busy with good deeds.

Strong brands are innovative. Once you build a brand, you can’t stop. Kodak and Nokia paid a huge price for being slow, so as many other once leading brands. Brands are constantly evolving. They create trends instead of following them. They keep an eye on new things and improve all so that their customers always feel happy that once upon a time they chose this brand.

How to brief your remote creative team if you are a coach or online entrepreneur?

When you grow your business, you will need to delegate and brief your team. Obviously, as an entrepreneur, you can’t do everything by yourself.

But here is the mistake that majority of entrepreneurs do.
They hire a designer, a VA, a copywriter, some tech people, advertising coach, business coach, and few other people and then wonder why nothing moves forward despite all this hiring? They don’t really know what they do. If they hire newbies they don’t know how to direct them. If they hire professionals they interfere in the process and never receive good results. The obvious solution is to learn!

There are many reasons why your business stuck.
One is the absence of the holistic picture about your brand. To grow your business, you need to build a brand that communicates your core values. You need to create an idea around your business that prospects can relate to. But how to do it you may ask.

Well, there are three ways:

  • First, hire a brand agency who will do everything for you, including hiring people on your behalf.
  • Second, hire a brand expert who will also supervise your creative team so that you can have a consistent, cohesive brand, that always delivers your core message.
  • Third, become the Creative Director of your business. You are going to create an idea that you want to see in your client’s mind and you are going to brief your team to follow your brand. Is that even possible? If you like to turn your business into a brand, there is no better place to learn than Brand + Photo School!

When you brief your team, you need to have an idea what your customers suppose to feel when they see your ads, visit your site or spot your post in their timeline. You’ll need to learn how to create design, copy and tech to hire the right talent (If you don’t know how things work you will never know who to hire). You don’t need to become a best photographer or designer yourself, all you need is to get an idea how to explain and achieve what you want.

How to brief your creative team

Raise your standards, look for the top players in a market and try to deliver at that level. As a team leader, you will need to inspire your team and explain to them what your brand is all about and who is it for. Apart from the creative part, there is a tech and branding that you need to learn to see through the perspectives that your business has in a nearby future. Download this simple tech brief!

In conclusion:

Create a holistic picture in your mind first. Design a Customer’s’ Journey so that they will see a very cohesive, consistent brand across all media. Build a connection with people and always emphasise on the core message and values of your brand. See your brand through the eyes of your prospects and always deliver what they need through what they want.
Sounds complicated? Well, you always can choose option one 🙂

Is your target audience going to ignore your brand?

Imagine that you spend thousand of dollars for designers, copywriters, and website developers. And you believe that you built your brand. You got a deluxe logo, bright colours that your designer recommended, fancy copy from a super expensive writer. But after having all this… You hear crickets. Sounds familiar?

I know that many marketers use this picture to prove that you do not need a good designer or suitable website. But if you hear crickets there could only be two reasons:

One, there are some crickets around…

Second, you didn’t do the pre-work. A brand is often called a promise. It means you are willing to give something to your customers. A transformation that will make their life easier and better. To find out who is your target audience and what do they need, you need to do a lot of research. And if the word research scares you, here is a quick lifehack:

Find some big and successful brands who also work with your target audience. When we say a brand is an image in customer’s mind, it’s not entirely correct. A brand is one of the images in customer’s mind. Your clients’ reality is formed by many brands, by TV, by the Internet, by family and colleagues, and by thousands of other things. So check out brands that your customer already uses.

I hear what you say. How do I know what do they use? Follow the lead!

Is your target audience going to ignore your brand?

Let me give you an example.

Your target audience watches Disney, uses iPhone, drinks Starbucks, wears Levi’s. These brands already pre-formated your prospects’ minds. Replace these brands with those which are relevant to your tribe (your people maybe fans of Andy Warhol or Japanese sci-fi), that you suppose to know.

But even if you take this basic list, that I gave you, and go to the Disney Youtube channel you will find that they are featuring “Girl Power”, “Success”, “Heroes” and “Smart is New Sexy” concepts. They do it because it works. Check what works for other big brands, you will find “storytelling”, “being close to a customer”, “relevance”, “cause”, check more.

Now, find what transformation your client needs, wrap it in one of this successful concepts and deliver it in such a way that your customer wants it. To do it, you will need to learn how to become a Creative Director in your business. Check Brand + Photo School if you are ready.

In conclusion, your brand is not a logo or website. It’s a promise to deliver a transformation that your client desire dearly. Give your customers a solution and confident leadership, and they will never ignore your brand.

How to brand my business to stand out from the competition if I’m a coach or online entrepreneur?

I’ve heard this question in my group and in other groups for so many times. So, how to brand my business to stand out from the competition? Here is what I think. You probably have heard already that you just need to be yourself and follow your passion. Maybe, somebody has told you that you need to define your “Why”, your “Core Message”, know your “Values”. But the truth is that without a system or roadmap all these are pieces of the giant puzzle. And if you have no idea what you build or how to create it, it’s challenging to achieve success.

When I started my current online business, I already had 17+ years of experience in branding and advertising. I’ve opened and closed several online and offline businesses before and knew what to do. But even then it was a tough job to stand out from the competition. Here are three things that you need to start with, to create a brand for your business that stands out from the competition if you are a coach or online entrepreneur.

First things first, define your audience.

Who do you want to work with? If you are a coach and your business only moves around personal communication, it’s important to work with people who are a good match. You will add more passion to your calls, and they will get better results.

Second, once you know who your clients are, start looking for signs of a problem.

Research in groups, forums, check blog comments, any places where people share their struggles. Interview people from your audience and existing clients. Find out how they formulate the problem. It’s easier to sell when you have a solution to the issue that already exists. (It may sound easy, but it require some time and attention)

The third part is to create your offer.

The easiest way to stand out from the competition is to develop a very simple freebie that addresses the issue that you found and propose a discovery call or breakthrough session after your prospects downloaded it. (There are plenty of other ways, but this one is good to start). This freebie will give you a validation that you are on the right track. Post your freebie in free groups on Facebook or LinkedIn or on other social media outlets to get feedback. You may also create several freebies on the same topic (video, presentation, checklist, e-book) that lead to a discovery call. Once you see which one converts the best you can start advertising it.

A brand is an image in customer’s mind, created by a customer based on the experience of product/service, data from various information channels and the feedback of other users/customers. That means to stand out from the competition you need to create a very consistent customer journey between your promo posts and ads to the look and feel of the landing page and a freebie itself. People may not know the difference between a good design and bad design but if they ever downloaded anything from established brands they can compare. And they will compare a few things. The value and ease of information, the uniqueness of it, how passionate and experienced you are and look and feel. If you can create a holistic picture in customers mind and they felt good about your freebie and communication, they would like to get more from you, and once they work with you and GET RESULTS, they will recommend you all the time.


Make a consistent communication around a problem that your prospects are experiencing right now. Do not think that people in your mailing list or group are just numbers, they are individuals and have to be treated accordingly. Talk to them, build a connection, ask questions. Give them the reason to back and promote your business.

If you want to create a consistent communication, freebies, and check 9 steps branding roadmap that I use to work with my VIP clients become a member of Brand + Photo School.