The secret of successful online business is in confidence!

One important thing you need to know: Confidence starts within!

Yes, you have heard me right, it can’t be given to you by anyone else, only you can gift it to yourself.

Then, why it seems some of us born with it and the others are struggling to get even a glimpse of it?

We all were born in different families, lives, and circumstances. Those people and situations shaped us without us even know about it. How often do you repeat your Mom’s words or keep hearing an annoying voice of a terrible teacher? Let’s say, all of us have own skeletons in the cupboard. The only difference between confident and not confident people is honesty.

Admit that you have “limiting beliefs” and issues, and maybe need help. We all have fears, and once we conquer the old fears a new layer rise and we need to work on that new fears again. Life is a constant work on ourselves. We can make it better, if we work on our limiting beliefs, to free ourselves from the moulds and cliches worn on us by the society.

Can we even be confident, when we are living for others, fulfilling other’s dreams, and keeping other people’s thoughts in our heads? I don’t think so.

So, confidence starts from within. You start knowing yourself, your purpose and passion, removing thoughts that do not belong to you, then “Poof”, you get your confidence back. But before it happens you will need to face your inner dragons. “How many dragons are you talking about?”-You may ask. Well, no matter how many, all are yours 🙂

The secret of successful online business is in confidence!

The real path to authentic brand lies within. If you are a coach or an expert and you deliver your services in-person and popularise yourself with video, you can’t lie. People will see you; you can’t hide, they will see if you are confident if you believe in yourself if you can lead them.

So, the job worth the time spent on it. Once you start moving towards liberation, you will find that you can communicate and convey your thoughts with ease. Everything else will come with practice.

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Five ways how to convert your ideas into visual form?

As I position myself as a specialist in visual communication, I was often asked, how to convert your ideas into visual form? The first and foremost, ask yourself questions and do research.

Here are five ways that you can use for it:

  1. Ask yourself a question about what your customer will feel and think about your page or site or design? Describe it in details, think what triggered those thoughts, Images, colours, design, style?
  2. Play in association game. Write 20-50 associations that can be related to your project. Eliminate all unnecessary and shortlist ten or even five. Look for these words in Google image search and on Pinterest to find an inspiration
  3. Choose the colour scheme. Many sites can help you to choose the colour scheme based on photos. I like this one for inspiration 
  4. Try to look on your project from the fashion perspective. What style will you choose for your project, Retro, Vintage, Modern, Couture, Ethno?
  5. If your project would be an art, who will be the artist of this masterpiece? Yes, knowing art is important as it increases your horizons and helps you to understand visual communication better. This resource may help you to find inspiration! 

Five ways how to convert your ideas into visual form?These steps will equip you with colours, style and references. Once you picture the idea in your mind, execute it using one of your favourite graphics editor. I have to admit that you may need directions; to become the Creative Director of your own business, you need to learn. Check Brand + Photo School and create your unique branded design with ease even if you never did it before.

Find Inspiration and Ideas in this video.

It shares how the art cycles were attracted different people and build traces in their minds. How to use art styles to get the eyeballs of the relevant audience. Nerd Alert 😉

25 useful resources and tools to use for your branding

When I got this question for the first time, I was confused. What tools do we use for branding? Hmm, my answer was between every tool to there are no tools. So here is the list that may help you to add some “branding tools” to your collection.


The brand foundation is always about why, values, mission and vision and so on. The best way to get inspiration for new entrepreneurs and coaches are available here in these resources:


We need to learn all the time. It’s undeniable. Some resources for learning might be:


Yes, successful, consistent branding is a lot about good design no doubts. Tools for design:


You can learn how to improve your copy, but another important part is grammar. Here are the resources about copy:


“Spreading the word” is one of the best ways to grow your business especially when you share valuable content. But where to add it? Well, it depends on your business, fish where fish are.
Here are few Ideas:

Hope this list gave you an idea or inspiration. I use all these tools to work with my brand or with my client’s brands. Sure, there are many more resources. If you have your favourite share it in the comments below. Let’s learn from each other.

How to Develop a strong brand for a coaching business?

Coaches are often underestimating the power of branding. Don’t take me wrong, not all coaches. The most successful ones know the importance of the brand and often talk about it. They also know that brand is evolving around customer’s experience and they plan it strategically.

But if you type coach in Google search, you will find that there are 95,90,00,000 results in 1.14 seconds. A Coach doesn’t need a formal training (common belief). So as demand for coaches raises thousands of newbies joining the industry. To stand out in such an oversaturated market, you need a brand.

Products are coming and going. If you will look at any industry anything that was popular in 1980 is no longer trendy. Every industry evolves, the world is changing rapidly.

Don't be outdated business

But if you look at a history of the brands you may find that many of them which were popular in the 1980’s are still on the horse.

So how to develop a strong brand for a coaching business?

A brand is an image in customer’s mind. All your communication, testimonials, product experience influence your prospects. If you manage to build a loyal tribe around your brand values, they are going to promote you better than any paid ads. To achieve it, you need to define what your brand stands for. Be clear about your brand values, promises, and mission.

Deliver what your clients want and desire the most. But always give it via the prism of your brand. So that your customers always have a clear association in their mind: “Brand X → doing X → and stands for X”, and I share those values.

Consider that you build a brand for a next 20-40 years. Branding is an investment in a successful future of your business. Knowing how brand work from inside out is crucial. You will need the knowledge to hire right talents, to deliver the core message to your customers and build a thriving business confidently.

Would you like to build a successful brand? Join Brand + Photo school.

Also, remember that brand doesn’t start with a logo and website. To build an established brand you need to do a lot of pre-work. You will need to research about ideas, target audience, competitors… You will need to clarify your core message, brand positioning and more. I usually use a 9 step system to create brands for my VIP clients, and logo is at step 6 😉

In conclusion

A strong brand for a coaching business means connection and clarity. If people know exactly what you deliver, if they see results from the other customers, if they hear a lot of good things about you, they will care. Build a relationship between your brand and your customers so that eventually you will be able to work on the business, not in business.

Can you write funny, happy, inspiring posts to attract your ideal client?

If you are an extrovert, you will write these posts with ease because you have a habit of doing it on a daily basis. If you are a professional copywriter, you will write such posts with ease too, because it’s your job, no strings attached. However, if you are more of an introvert and you do not have a habit in manipulation, and you try to achieve everything on your own, then writing an emotional post can be a bit weird process for you.

So, first of all, I want to tell you — it’s tough to write a good funny post. That’s why there are not that many good comedians. It’s not easy to write a post which arises some emotions like happiness, comfort. It’s tough to write a post which motivates and inspires people. But it’s easy to write a sad post, which calls for compassion, that calls for anger or sadness or judgment. That’s the reason why you get all this crap in the news all the time.

If you want to inspire people, think about something which inspired you. Little things which actually make you feel better and move you to do something great with it. Can you connect it to your business?

If you want to make people happy, think about simple things which make you happy, but let them not be personal at all. Because if you always write about your family, it may not connect with other people, (unless you write for family people only). But if you write about somebody else’s family it may work for a bigger audience. What happens to your friend, neighbour, colleague, stranger in the supermarket? Once again can you connect it to your business?

When you describe some amusing story which happens to you or your friends, read it out to several people, do they laugh? If they didn’t maybe, it’s too precise and not very clear. And even if it’s funny and all are laughing, can you connect it to your business?

The conclusion is simple — whatever story you write to promote your brand use the all previous maths and emotion but make it relevant to your business. Your goal is to sell, not just to entertain people with the novel. Focus on your ultimate aim of what you want to achieve and create the posts and texts which will make you reach that purpose.

How to Transform your business communication into a brand communication.

Branding makes your business more efficient.

Firstly, it saves your time and nerves because you do not need to explain to your designer or photographer what do you want all the time. You just show them your brand book and they need to follow it.

Secondly, it makes all your communication look in sync, more professional, noticeable and recognisable. So you save money by stop paying for random advertising messages.

How to Transform your business communication into a brand communication.

  • Define your audience. Who are you going to talk about your product?
  • Imagine you’re in a bar. Tell them what you do for a living.
  • Think about the impression you want to create.
  • Help your audience to solve their problems, inspire them to be friendly
  • Do not just give them information, ask questions
  • Be yourself – don’t pretend, they will find out anyway
  • Don’t be shy or too aggressive, give it a time
  • Do not force the action, let it go naturally

The more you involve your client into the conversation, the more they know you, the more chances they will buy from you. After all, they already know you.