The secret of successful online business is in confidence!

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One important thing you need to know: Confidence starts within!

Yes, you have heard me right, it can’t be given to you by anyone else, only you can gift it to yourself.

Then, why it seems some of us born with it and the others are struggling to get even a glimpse of it?

We all were born in different families, lives, and circumstances. Those people and situations shaped us without us even know about it. How often do you repeat your Mom’s words or keep hearing an annoying voice of a terrible teacher? Let’s say, all of us have own skeletons in the cupboard. The only difference between confident and not confident people is honesty.

Admit that you have “limiting beliefs” and issues, and maybe need help. We all have fears, and once we conquer the old fears a new layer rise and we need to work on that new fears again. Life is a constant work on ourselves. We can make it better, if we work on our limiting beliefs, to free ourselves from the moulds and cliches worn on us by the society.

Can we even be confident, when we are living for others, fulfilling other’s dreams, and keeping other people’s thoughts in our heads? I don’t think so.

So, confidence starts from within. You start knowing yourself, your purpose and passion, removing thoughts that do not belong to you, then “Poof”, you get your confidence back. But before it happens you will need to face your inner dragons. “How many dragons are you talking about?”-You may ask. Well, no matter how many, all are yours 🙂

The secret of successful online business is in confidence!

The real path to authentic brand lies within. If you are a coach or an expert and you deliver your services in-person and popularise yourself with video, you can’t lie. People will see you; you can’t hide, they will see if you are confident if you believe in yourself if you can lead them.

So, the job worth the time spent on it. Once you start moving towards liberation, you will find that you can communicate and convey your thoughts with ease. Everything else will come with practice.

P.S. The mini-course Audit+Strategy will help you eliminate mistakes and build content strategically with a brand and Ideal Client in mind!

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