Our task is to help food professionals and amateurs to make excellent visuals for the business. We make photography work for food brands in a variety of ways; based on the demanded mood, composition, colors, concept, etc. Photography can create trust through your blog or site. It may also work for you through social media. It is bound to attract customers with specialized sites like Snap Deals or Amazon, and it doesn’t require any words. So here is how we can help.

First of all we recommend to Read the Blog!

If you like to know more about photography and how to make it work, read Eve’s Photo School. If You like to know the kind of gear I use at work, read the write-up on Photo Gear. If you are searching for the book, check Photo Books. If you are interested in all, just read Photo Blog – that has it all.

I’m also writing the book on food photography, once it is finished, it will be available here. So if you would like to get your copy of the book, you may subscribe for updates.


You can Buy Photo from The Stock Food Photo Collection.

For that check Photo Stock or one of my collections at Shutterstock. Many of these pictures may help you in your business communication, blog promotion, or learning curve.

Skype Consultancy

If you sick for the personal advice on how to improve a visual presence of your food business online, you may like to request 45 minutes Skype session valued $45 US. Here is how it works. Please collect visual examples of how your business should be presented online (blog, site, social media). Then send them to me using the form below. Once you send me a request, I’ll see if I can help. In any case, I will send a reply with or without confirmation of the session time and payment.

Call me for photography assignment

I’m based in India now. So if you like to illustrate your cookbook, or photograph your food and you are nearby, please contact We have our equipped photo studio in New Delhi. We can also travel for assignment if required.

I’m open for suggestions. If you would like to advise me on improving this site, please feel free to leave your recommendations in a contact form below. Cheers 🙂