Have you built your business and are now ready to turn it into a brand? What’s the next step? Is it the tough and expensive way of trials and errors? It’s good for those who have many years for this process and huge budgets.

Would you like to develop your brand smoothly and avoid mistakes that 80% of entrepreneurs do?

Give me 2 hours of your time!

And I will analyse your current brand status and provide you with the clarity what to do and what to avoid in your brand creation.

Here is the plan that we can follow during these 120 minutes:



I’ll analyse your site, and we will find solutions how to improve its branding and reduce the mistakes it has



I’ll review your social media channels, copy, design, channel covers, consistency or even the freebie if you like



You will share your competitor’s links, and we will see what you can do to make your digital products and communication unique and effective.



Based on information that we discover, I will help you to create a brand positioning statement, that can attract your ideal clients with ease.



I’ll provide you with the recommendations what steps you need to take to build an effective and powerful brand, that works for you even while you sleep.

Yes, we can build an alternative plan for your specific needs as well, if you like!

Here’s what people say:

I want to take the opportunity to thank you, Eve, for our session yesterday. I really liked the way you were able to bring to light the real me from deep within and its impact on building my business. I truly appreciate the small yet effective tips you have shared that will help me work confidently and authentically. Building a business requires a basic structure, and you have made it easy to understand for me through the grid. I would definitely recommend you to women who are wanting to make a place for themselves through their business. Eve will make it simple, effective and can definitely help to bring the real you out for the world to see. A brand called YOU!! Thanks a tonne!

Kusha Kalra
Success Coach

Before the consultancy, I was a little confused about how actively should I post on my site. Another confusion was which social media platform is best to promote my work. I got relevant answers to both the queries. Besides, Eve redefined my target audience. Earlier, I thought I need to focus on the freshers, but it was Eve who advised me to put stress more on medium-sized businesses. Most importantly, I became more confident and clear after the consulting session.

Upma Sharma

When I first started working with Eve, I was confused about what branding really meant for my business. I was familiar with the term and some of the elements, but not the whole picture. Eve patiently explained to me each step in the process, and how it fits into the big picture of my branding. Working with her one-on-one was a wonderful experience! She is a brilliant expert and also has the ability to explain in great detail both the big picture of branding and each element. She managed to put together the bits and pieces scattered in my mind, into a beautiful brand that I’m very happy with and excited about!

Claudia Svartefoss
Self-Publishing Success Coach

I just had a 1:1 branding session with Eve Voyevoda today and I was blown away by all her incredible recommendations! I knew she had an artist’s background, so I was expecting her to critique my sales page and checkout page for the colours and fonts, and she did that…but that’s not all! She also read through my entire blog and told me where I had some gaps in connecting my concepts to get readers to want to opt in. I also told her about my niche and she came up with some really sexy, catchy headlines and questions that I know will GRAB my target market like nothing else! Wow, she shifted my mindset so that I’m finally thinking like my prospective client instead of thinking like me. If anyone is thinking of getting branding coaching, make an appointment with Eve — you will get so much out of it!

Lindsey Seigle Slott
Parenting & Life Coach

Yet thinking who is this person & what are you doing on this page?

My name is Eve. I am a Branding & Visual Communication Specialist. I help women entrepreneurs to connect with their clients on a deeper level through powerful visuals and brand strategy so that they can confidently grow a thriving business.

I was born in an artist’s family, studied art since I was 12 years old. After that, I’ve been in the advertising & branding industry for over 17 years. My clients are all around the world. I have worked with small and large businesses like PwC, Radisson Blu, JSL, etc. So I know that every bit of branding from an idea, strategy, customer psychology, to tiny design elements builds a brand image in a client’s mind. Branding is also a constant self-discovery, so I encourage lady entrepreneurs to unleash the power of their brand

  • Psychology and Yoga always give me a lot of inspiration and peace.
  • I believe that an exceptional coffee is a necessary element of a good conversation. I prefer espresso without sugar and a little bit of sea salt.
  • Sometimes I write and talk like Yoda (Jedi Master). Maybe because I’m wise or it’s just that English is not my first language. Deal with it you must 🙂

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