What makes a strong brand?

What makes a strong brand?

Bill Bernbach once said — Word of mouth is the best medium of all.

A strong brand belongs to people. They want to communicate with it, build the relationship with it, they are eager to recommend it and be a part of its tribe.

Strongest brands always research what they customers want and what they need. They deliver the best possible result consistently. Frankly, over the years the word “brand” becomes the synonym of quality. Ever heard the phrase “branded product”. People are willing to believe to brands. Why? Because brands have a reputation and consistent delivery of the great customer experience. Strong brands always look ahead. Today’s target audience for them are children of their buyers.

Brands give more. If you research the most popular brands, you may find that many of them have some charity program. They lift up weak because now they are strong. And if you think that they do it just for a good publicity you are wrong. I worked with many huge brands that do their charity silently. They provide medical services in small villages. They build free education programs and help those in needs. And they never advertise it, so you have no idea about it. How do I know? We designed their reports for the partners who they want to involve in charity. So I know big brands are often busy with good deeds.

Strong brands are innovative. Once you build a brand, you can’t stop. Kodak and Nokia paid a huge price for being slow, so as many other once leading brands. Brands are constantly evolving. They create trends instead of following them. They keep an eye on new things and improve all so that their customers always feel happy that once upon a time they chose this brand.

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