Let your brand has its own story that clients love and believe in. Visual Storytelling.

Let your brand has its own story that clients love and believe in. Visual Storytelling.

When we post the picture on Social Media, no matter which platform we use, our task is to attract the customers. Yes, many people engage customers, entertain them but for business, the end goal is to sell, even if it sounds “sales”. So what to post in order to achieve it? There are several types of content. One is the pictures of your products or services with prices and relevant descriptions and links. The other one is entertaining content which gives a sense of joy to your readers but still framed by the main theme of your brand. The third one is info content such as infographics, charts, and tables. The fourth but not the last is Story content which translates the mood and the character of your brand via images of people who are working with you, happy customers, just mood pictures.

The Story content generates a subconscious trust in your customer’s mind and requires a realistic editorial style approach.

When the story is shared through the visuals, the good editorial photographer may create such pictures easily. But when we talk about people without years of experience and are equipped with the smartphone, we need to be clear on some points.

Decide what you are going to shoot.

Make a plan of shooting for the year and try to create maximum content from each location.

Do not try to shoot all at one time.

Plan what you are going to post and what message you will share. Think of these themes to cover: The Team, The Place, The Details (the more, the better), Products, How products are created, People in Action, Customers experience the product, Video testimonials, Events if any related to your business, Outdoor look of location, News related, Behind the Scenes, History (if you have archived photos or old people who were with business since…) and more…

You will need to mix these pictures and post time to time.

Then your timeline may look like this: History photo, Entertaining link, Team, Product, Event, Link to your Blog, Testimonial, Product, How the product is created, Text, People happy with a product, Product…And so on.

The story you tell has to look consistent and relevant to give the customer a reason to buy from you.

I also have another tip for you. Even if your business is very small create a mission and vision for it. Yes, it sometimes sounds too big, but the key is to create an honest mission and a vision which you will follow. Make sure that your team follows it too. Check if your services and products and communication are in sync with mission and vision. The big picture in mind, big hope, the belief, the heart; that makes people respond to it.

Let your brand has its own story that clients love and believe in.

P.S. I love to share my story via my Instagram. And how you do it?

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