Learn photography basics

Photography is about a lot of fun and a lot of skills too. While clicking is a common joy for many people, skills are yet to be conquered. Well, the technical knowledge may be boring. After all, it gives us a chance to make great pictures not only for your business but also of your family and friends. So, study hard and take even more fun after that.
Learn Photography Basics

Here the list of the posts on how to Learn photography basics and click better pictures every day.

  1. What is Exposure in camera?

  2. What is Shutter speed in camera?

  3. What Is Aperture in camera?

  4. What does ISO in a camera

  5. What is White Balance in camera?

  6. What is a Color Temperature in Photography?

And this list is going to grow…
If you like to know something specific please share in the comments below!
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