Q&A.“Is my business a brand already?”

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Is my business a brand already if I have a logo and the site done?

I have heard the question many times. Some were insisting that they are a brand, some were doubting it, some feel that something important is missing but couldn’t explain what.

So what is missing if you didn’t put a foundation of the brand but already have a logo and the site?

These are three most common issues that I witnessed recently.

“You don’t need a site; my site never worked, I could start without it”- one marketer recommends to students. Well, her site looks like a disaster, no wonder it doesn’t work. But as she invested in it, she believes she does have a website. But she doesn’t have it, as it doesn’t work as a business tool.

It’s your choice if you want to learn from such marketers. Good marketers know that site is a great business tool and it can help you a lot. All you need to have is the site that made for your clients, and that represent your brand in a best possible way.

If you thought: “I have no idea if my business is a brand already”, get this checklist now!

“You can have a $5 logo from Fiverr, it’s not that important,” said another fake marketing guru. Well, a logo is not a picture, and neither it’s your brand. A logo is an essential part of brand Identity. Like a wheel in the car, but if you just purchased one wheel, you don’t have a car yet. Same with a logo, if you bought a logo you don’t have a brand yet. If you bought a second-hand wheel for $5 for your car….you are probably in trouble, better use UBER.

“I registered the name for my business, now I’m a brand.”- The widespread idea. And it’s also partially correct as your trademark often will be called brand on paper.

However let’s remember what brand is and why logo, site or even trademark is not a brand yet.

“A brand is an image in customer’s mind, created by a customer based on the experience of product/service, data from various information channels and the feedback of other users/customers.”

To create an image in customers’ minds, you need much more than a logo, a site, or a trademark. You need to build a relationship with customers based on the values that you share. Your mission and philosophy need to resonate with your people, your tone of the voice have to convey all of it to your tribe.

P.S. Why don’t I say that “brand is you” like many others say? Because it’s way bigger. Though it will quite probably start with you it has its own virtual life, it can befriend you prospects and attract people to your tribe on autopilot, but only in case, it was built right.

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(Important note. I’m always serious about my work so there are many questions there. But if you don’t know the answer you can just write “I don’t know”)

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