How to write a good copy for your Brand

At Eve’s Photo School, I’m teaching you how to create the visual communication for your brand, how to create photographs and how to start appealing conversation with your customers just by using pictures. But, there is another side of it — the copywriting. From the time of Ogilvy, most of the advertising agencies picked up the idea that the good ads have to be created by a duo copywriter plus art director. The visual communication is crucial, but copywriting is equally important for your brand. Hey, you may say, you just told us to click the pics and make a good brand, do I need to write too? Well, let’s be honest, yes. As I’m not a copywriter, I’m not going to teach you how to write, but I know who will.
Three years ago, I was listening for Ramit Sethi on Creative Life and I have followed his ideas since then. This guy is all about a strategy and he gives tons of good ideas for your business. He is a big fan of a long copy and like to send tremendously valuable e-mails to subscribers. Recently, he invited all of us for a four-day Copywriting Bootcamp. And, I’m obviously going to learn something new there. Want to study there too? Here is the link, check it out.

P.S. It’s free 😉

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