How to give correct brief to the photographer

How to give correct brief to the photographer

In creative work such as photography, design, and advertising, 60-70% of the good result depends on a good brief. If a client knows how to give a good brief and what exactly he wants – wonderful. The ability to assign a task and give references to a photographer and further to give the ability to create – priceless. So, here are a few ideas about giving the right brief and get awesome photographs for your brand.

To achieve the photography which works, you need to create a perfect brief. Tell about your brand in detail, the mood you want to create, describe brand personality and values. What is the purpose of this photoshoot? Where are you going to use these pictures? Is it online media, print or outdoor? When you are giving the brief to photographers, please be sure that they understand it.

What you need to focus on, while creating a brief?

  1. Brand personality has a lot of advantages in communication. Once you have defined the brand personality, then it determines the language, rhythm, humor, design, image treatment etc. Describe this through a brand personality to a photographer.
  2. It’s important to be consistent across all communication channels. And, to be consistent for a long period of time is, even more, important. It refers to sharing the same values in the same language for a long period of time. If you already photographed something for your brand, share the samples with your photographer. And, try to follow the similar style.
  3. Show respect to your customer. When you are hiring professionals to make great-looking images, you in a way show respect to your buyer. Choose a photographer who delivers a result. It’s better to wait for an able specialist rather than rushing and ending up wasting money for pictures which can’t sell.
  4. Be different – in a highly competitive market, you need to stand out. Good brand photography will advertise better than anything else. You will use it in an advertisement, social media packaging etc. Analyze the market first before hiring a photographer. Otherwise, customers mistakenly may associate your photographs with some other brand.

Give freedom to the photographer
When you brief your photographer, have a brainstorming session with him on ideas, execution, and discussing references. Be certain that both of you understand each other. Then give the photographer a freedom to create. If you want to get really good photos, videos or design, freedom of creation is crucial.


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Hope now you will get better photographs from professional photographers you hire. If you like to know more about how branding and photography can help your business, join the tribe and get all good information before it appears in social media.



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