How to develop a brand identity? Your Brand Q&A Series.

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Raelyn asks:
How to develop a brand identity?

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It’s a very complex question as a designer, entrepreneur or brand expert may treat it differently. So let’s try to add some clarity into this process.

1. Where to start?

Think about your target audience and what do you want to say? What mood would you like to portray? What do your clients feel when they are in touch with your brand identity?

2. Do research!

Find out what your competitors use, what the top companies in your industry use? Find some references and collect the logos and identity examples which you personally prefer. Use Pinterest for it.

3. Execute it!

Find a person who does have design education and the agency background, ideally. If you can’t use a professional find a freelancer with a portfolio that resembles your references (You can use UpWork for it)

Your brand identity is not just a logo, fonts, colours, templates and stationery. Your brand identity will also mention tone of the voice, brand personality and what your brand stands for. So it’s not just some design but a physical presentation of your brand soul.

Take it seriously good brand identity makes your brand memorable and noticeable.


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