How to Create a freebie which converts your readers into loyal customers? (Part 2)

How to Create a freebie which converts your readers into loyal customers? (Part 2)

Read the first part here 🙂

So let’s talk about “Super Freebie”.
The second freebie which your prospects will get is the super freebie. The purpose of the freebie is to create the first impression and start generating the trust. The trust is the reason why customers are connected to your brand. To generate this trust, online businesses have to provide some information for free.

If your product is priced above $1500, you need to provide a better reason than just a pdf.
So the freebie from the first part will guide to a massive super freebie like a webinar replay or a master class. You may also invite people to a live challenge or give them a short course.

The second freebie meant to be a trust-generator.
So if you provide video or audio lessons to people to relay to your style of teaching.
You can also offer some free coaching sessions or anything where you will share some information on a more personal level.

The freebie works the best with automated email sequence.
So once people subscribe for the first freebie, they get it and an invitation for your super freebie. So they get two in one. The next product you will propose them will be entry level product with the cost from $5 to $49. The next product will be more expensive and so on.

So the freebie is the first product your prospects purchase in exchange for their email address. After all, it’s not so free, it’s an invitation to work together, and it’s priceless.

I do not need to say that your freebies must reflect your brand values and personality to create the best impression and be effective.

Would you like to talk about it? Join my group, it’s free (but women only!!!). 🙂

Watch the webinar if you prefer the audio or video to the text version.

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