How to brief your remote creative team if you are a coach or online entrepreneur?

How to brief your remote creative team if you are a coach or online entrepreneur?

When you grow your business, you will need to delegate and brief your team. Obviously, as an entrepreneur, you can’t do everything by yourself.

But here is the mistake that majority of entrepreneurs do.
They hire a designer, a VA, a copywriter, some tech people, advertising coach, business coach, and few other people and then wonder why nothing moves forward despite all this hiring? They don’t really know what they do. If they hire newbies they don’t know how to direct them. If they hire professionals they interfere in the process and never receive good results. The obvious solution is to learn!

There are many reasons why your business stuck.
One is the absence of the holistic picture about your brand. To grow your business, you need to build a brand that communicates your core values. You need to create an idea around your business that prospects can relate to. But how to do it you may ask.

Well, there are three ways:

  • First, hire a brand agency who will do everything for you, including hiring people on your behalf.
  • Second, hire a brand expert who will also supervise your creative team so that you can have a consistent, cohesive brand, that always delivers your core message.
  • Third, become the Creative Director of your business. You are going to create an idea that you want to see in your client’s mind and you are going to brief your team to follow your brand. Is that even possible? If you like to turn your business into a brand, there is no better place to learn than Brand + Photo School!

When you brief your team, you need to have an idea what your customers suppose to feel when they see your ads, visit your site or spot your post in their timeline. You’ll need to learn how to create design, copy and tech to hire the right talent (If you don’t know how things work you will never know who to hire). You don’t need to become a best photographer or designer yourself, all you need is to get an idea how to explain and achieve what you want.

How to brief your creative team

Raise your standards, look for the top players in a market and try to deliver at that level. As a team leader, you will need to inspire your team and explain to them what your brand is all about and who is it for. Apart from the creative part, there is a tech and branding that you need to learn to see through the perspectives that your business has in a nearby future. Download this simple tech brief!

In conclusion:

Create a holistic picture in your mind first. Design a Customer’s’ Journey so that they will see a very cohesive, consistent brand across all media. Build a connection with people and always emphasise on the core message and values of your brand. See your brand through the eyes of your prospects and always deliver what they need through what they want.
Sounds complicated? Well, you always can choose option one 🙂

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  1. Unaiza
    Unaiza says:

    Eve your content is always as informative as this one.
    I must say, it’s hardest to explain your own brand’s vision.
    As a designer, I have worked with many brands but when it came to explaining my own vision I had a hard time doing it, so its always best to have a lovely mentor like you <3


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