How to be sure that my brand reflects who am I and who I want to work with? Your Brand Q&A Series.

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Mea asks:
How can I make sure that my brand reflects who I am and who I want to work with?

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Brand should reflect the founder personality and an Ideal Client Personality. I usually say your brand has to have a personality that is a dream for you and your customers.

How does it work?

When customers start to communicate with a brand, they need a reason to continue these relationships. A Brand becomes a motivation, inspiration, a leader, or authority for a customer.

To get there, we need to know:

  • what do your customers want?
  • what they want to become?
  • where are they now?

Same works for a business owner:

  • who are you?
  • where are you now?
  • who you want to become?
  • where do you want to see your business tomorrow?

Together the answers create a dream picture that helps to develop a very strong brand personality.

The market has its legends. You probably heard one of them that “you are your brand”. And to the certain extent, it’s true. But I want you to look at it from a different angle.

Your business is a long time story. It will evolve and change, if you are new to the business, you will evolve too, dramatically. If today your business idea is to serve particular people, You can’t change it every three months. That’s why you need to create an anchor, something constant that people can relate to.

Brand Personality will evolve too, but as it includes a little bit of owner personality and a little bit of audience personality, it will be much more aligned with the market situation. That’s why when we talk about a business brand we always talk about a brand personality. I hope it answers your question, Mea.

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