How to align my colours and ideas into a consistent brand? Your Brand Q&A Series.

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Anjana asks:
How to align my myriads of colours and ideas into a consistent brand?

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The love of colours has definitely affected all women. I heard it many times: “I set up my brand, but now I want to change it as I feel bored with it or I’m too creative for the framing”.

I have to say it’s the biggest trap that is very difficult to avoid because even after you set up something beautiful, you will be tempted to change it.

So the key number one is discipline. Fix the colours and let them be same for five years. Good news, you can be creative while you are setting them.

The basic idea for online branding is to choose three groups of colours. (This is the way that professionals use in brand agencies).

The first group is Primary Colours it consists of two Main colours and one Call To Action colour. (You may need more colours if you need to differentiate your products).

The second group is Supporting colours it usually consists of 4-6 colours. You can use them for backgrounds or infographics, where ever you need a little extra touch.

The third group is always the same Technical colours — Black, white. You need to have a version of your logo in a black and white version. Yes, no gradients.

That was a technical part but how to bind your brand and colours on a deeper level?

As your brand has its story, its values, mission and vision, give your colours a legend. Does your main colour remind you of something, does it have flavour or aroma, texture perhaps? For example, my CTA colour reminds me of peonies, and I can smell the aroma when I use it, yes for real 🙂 Make your colours alive, give them a meaning that enhances your brand, feel something about them. It will make your brand powerful.

Don’t forget to share your colour story with your tribe 🙂

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