How can you target your brand message and make it clear and consistent? Your Brand Q&A Series.

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Karla asks:
How can I target my message and make it clear and consistent, I have always been a jack of all trades?

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The brand message starts from several factors.

First are your customers’ desires and pain points. If you know what your market wants, you can create on demand and write directly for readers and potential buyers. Always study your prospects, interview them, talk to them via comments, read their testimonials.

The second factor is that brand message always highlights your values and core principles. If people are willing to identify themselves with your ideas and mission, they will most likely build relationships with your brand and eventually buy from you.

The third factor is knowing your Niche and Ideal Client. Who would you like to attract? What type of people is suitable for you? This will only be relevant for people who provide their services in person such as coaches, speakers, experts. The ideal clients is not a measurable figure; it’s more related to the mindset. So align yourself with the people who you want to attract and always write with your Dream Client in mind as if you talk to one person only.

Once you have fixed those three (What customer want, Your brand values, Your ideal Client) discipline yourself. Focus on these three elements and make sure that they present in everything that you produce for your brand, it’s not only about copy it’s also about visual content. Your brand needs to create a holistic picture in customers’ minds so that they know what you do and willing to recommend you to their friends and family.

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