How can brand help me to break into social media? Your Brand Q&A Series.

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Elle asks:
How can a brand help me to break into social media?

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Social media is very crowded space; the competition is high. And the life of brand is longer than the life of an average product (even is it marketed well).

As brand builds longtime relationships with clients and plans several years ahead, it stands above the crowd. Does that mean there is no competition? NO! But that mean lesser competitors, higher quality, higher prices for your products and more accountable clients.

The key factors that help you to become known and memorable in social media are — understanding of target audience, colours, mood, fonts, picture treatment, copy style.

The visual treatment of your brand will depend on that which attracts your people. Research your clients. Find what brands do they already like. There are many businesses which were built around apple aesthetic and as a result attracted people who already like a particular design and ready to pay a premium price for it.

Follow the trends. Disney follows the trend of Girl Power and creating content around it for several years right now. Many brands are talking about “be you” or about a diversity of people.

Popular and really overused method “disruptive marketing” may attract or repel people to you, that’s why it has to be planned strategically. And personally, I would recommend intriguing images instead of overwhelming or “crazy” as many people use.

Let’s sum up.

  1. Know your tribe
  2. Build a memorable visual identity
  3. Follow trends and adopt them for your brand
  4. Use disruptive marketing strategically
  5. The most important part of any business — build a relationship.

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