Five ways how to convert your ideas into visual form?

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Five ways how to convert your ideas into visual form?

As I position myself as a specialist in visual communication, I was often asked, how to convert your ideas into visual form? The first and foremost, ask yourself questions and do research.

Here are five ways that you can use for it:

  1. Ask yourself a question about what your customer will feel and think about your page or site or design? Describe it in details, think what triggered those thoughts, Images, colours, design, style?
  2. Play in association game. Write 20-50 associations that can be related to your project. Eliminate all unnecessary and shortlist ten or even five. Look for these words in Google image search and on Pinterest to find an inspiration
  3. Choose the colour scheme. Many sites can help you to choose the colour scheme based on photos. I like this one for inspiration 
  4. Try to look on your project from the fashion perspective. What style will you choose for your project, Retro, Vintage, Modern, Couture, Ethno?
  5. If your project would be an art, who will be the artist of this masterpiece? Yes, knowing art is important as it increases your horizons and helps you to understand visual communication better. This resource may help you to find inspiration! 

Five ways how to convert your ideas into visual form?These steps will equip you with colours, style and references. Once you picture the idea in your mind, execute it using one of your favourite graphics editor. I have to admit that you may need directions; to become the Creative Director of your own business, you need to learn. Check Brand + Photo School and create your unique branded design with ease even if you never did it before.

Find Inspiration and Ideas in this video.

It shares how the art cycles were attracted different people and build traces in their minds. How to use art styles to get the eyeballs of the relevant audience. Nerd Alert 😉

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