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People often compare marketing and branding, discussing what is better and why. And I have to tell you — branding is a part of marketing. Sometimes you will need marketing more and the other time you will start to build your brand. But! You are not supposed to start your business with branding. And here is why:

There are two types of marketing based on the business model you choose. You may work with a product and target all the people around. Then you will focus on how to increase your market, increase production and sell more to reduce the production cost to get more profit. Or you may choose a customer-oriented model. Then your business will start with research. You will need to find a segment of the market which may require a product and then create the product based on the customer’s research.

So two types of businesses need two kinds of marketing. One is product oriented other is customer oriented.

In mass marketing, you will talk about features of your product and your brand will be about your product.

In the customer-oriented marketing, you will research the needs and pain points of your clients and then you will motivate them or touch their pain points.

In the initial stages, you will need to focus on sales and generate revenue and data. When your business reaches the profit level, and you have enough data to research you will see who are your real customers and what is their motivation to buy from you and not from your competitors.

That moment you can do a survey to confirm your ideas. And you can start to build up your brand. Till this point you probably not need the site or even logo (unless you print it on physical products)

The branding research helps you to build the image in your customer’s mind. The image which they will digest easily and accept because it created based on their understanding of your brand (it is just far more organised, beautiful and pleasant, which makes them trust you more)

You will start with the core values of your brand, positioning, a tone of the voice, and visual communication. Based on these factors your visual elements such as logo, colours, fonts will be chosen and created. This is the right time to get your central brand document — a brand book. Brand-book is the bible of your business. You must stick to it and follow it religiously.

But this is the moment when your brand has just started the journey. It is fragile yet, just like a little pet. You need to take care of it very carefully so it grows powerful and works for you for the rest of your life.

Be consistent, use the styles and fonts defined in the brand book. Do try to stick to one designer or photographer and be sure the creative team understands your brand well.

Unless you hire an agency, it’s your responsibility to see if they follow your brand book.

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