Visual Communication Consultancy

Are you one of those who want to build a successful business, and have no idea where to start from? I receive e-mails from food startups on a daily basis. Some of them want a new logo,  some photography, branding, design, you name it. All of them share creativity, passion for food,  and a limited budget. I want to help. I can teach you how to manage visual communication on your own, or choose the right specialist for your brand.

If you like to get advice about Branding, design, photography, social media or any other aspects of visual communication, please, fill the form below. I’ll contact you with the option of time slots. And once we agree, you provide the payment and we have a one-hour consulting session. (During the session I will answer only questions you asked in the form.) The shorter time durations – 10 and 30 minutes are available too.