What is Brand + Photo School?

The Brand + Photo School is just like Hogwarts for your brand but real!
By the time I started my first online business in 2009 (it was a blog which also sold design books from Amazon), I already had a lot of experience in branding and advertising for offline businesses. I tried many techniques and methods, some of them worked, and some didn’t. With this new knowledge, I’ve created many posts, training, courses and resources that can help you to build, support or promote your brand without spending your entire budget on trial and error with no result.

It’s for you if

  • You are a newbie, and you need to know where to start your brand, how to make your communication consistent and more valuable for your target audience, the school is good starting point for you.
  • You are already running a business but want to build a brand that stands out in oversaturated market; the school is good for you too.

My 9 steps Branding System, will help you to move towards your dream business step by step. And if you’re stuck on the way, there is a dedicated group where you can ask your questions, get feedback and support.

Brand + Photo School has been created to help you to build your brand on your own and turn you into the creative director of your business. So that any time you want to expand your business, hire the right copywriter or a designer you know what to do, and you are in control.

Until the end of the next week, the membership is available just for $9 per month for the all time of your membership, if you use the coupon “YES”. After that, it will back to it’s regular $14 and will grow. 

What is brand?

And it’s not a question IF you are going to build a brand, it’s a question WHEN!

How is it different from other similar Schools?

It’s not a program. It’s the place where you learn how to build your brand and the School grows along with your needs and requests.

In my 17+ years in Branding and advertising, I’ve created and supported large brands and medium businesses. My average cost for such projects start at $8K

I’m on a mission to make the world a better place. I chose to use my experience to help entrepreneurs around the world so that they can create successful brands confidently without a need to break the bank.

Why borrowing my brain and transform your business into a brand is a good idea?

My name is Eve Voyevoda. As Branding & Visual Communication Specialist, I help women entrepreneurs create brands and connect with their clients on a deeper level through powerful visuals and brand strategy so that they can confidently grow a thriving business.

I’ve been in the advertising & branding industry for over 17 years. I have worked with small and large billion dollars businesses like PwC, Radisson Blu, JSL, etc. I know that every bit of branding from an idea, strategy, customer psychology, to tiny design elements builds a brand image in a client’s mind.

Psychology and Yoga always give me a lot of inspiration and peace.
I believe that an exceptional coffee is a necessary element of a good conversation. I prefer espresso without sugar and a little bit of sea salt.
Sometimes I write and talk like Yoda (Jedi Master). Maybe because I’m wise or it’s just that English is not my first language. Deal with it you must 😉

Here are few programs that are featured in Brand + Photo School

  • Insta300
    Instagram training which is the exact method I used to triple my income from Shutterstock sales. You may get around 300 or more decent followers within 7-14 days and get the account that represents your brand in a best possible way. (Level beginner)
  • 9 Steps Branding Method that I use to create brands for my VIP clients.
    Right now every step has something to start with. Initially, school materials will evolve around these nine steps, and every step will get more training and guides.
  • Google Slides Course
    Create your first interactive presentation via Google Slides. Step by step easy to digest course with video lessons and editable templates for the brochures and templates that you can create in this free software.
  • Photo 101 Guide
    A guide that helps you to understand how to make your photography better or how to hire a better photographer. You will find out how good photos can sell for you without any words
  • Photo Guide
    This guide will allow you to get the right type of pictures from any photo shoot you do for your biz. Pose with design in mind and achieve more.
  • Various Checklists that will help you to achieve results faster and more efficiently.
  • Fonts Pairing Guide that helps you to choose fonts for your business.
  • ‘Simple to edit’ design templates that you can use for all Social Media Platforms. Both Free & Premium templates available.
  • Resources and much more…
  • Also, you can request content, and I will create a training or answer your question directly.
  • Every month I will be adding at a minimum one new training + one template + one Q&A session in the group.
  • You can use downloadable editable PDF Workbooks, Worksheets and Checklists.

Why it priced so low?

It’s by design.
This is for Action takers, not for freebie hunters. I want you to take action and actually build your brand, it’s a long process, and I want you be able to do it. This price is a ticket for those who want to build their brand effectively and are ready to act and implement even when they don’t have huge budgets. However, it’s also a ticket to many other paid programs and materials that will be available only for the members of the School.

Would you like to become a Student of the Brand + Photo School? I would love to assist you in building successful brand that stand out in the market and bring you customers that eger to work with you.

7 magic tips on how to create a Brand Identity if you are new to it.

Brand Identity reflects the personality of the business. Here some practical tips on how to build it. Design for beginners, VAs and fresh designers, or for those who are just curious.

Tip 1

Before you begin to create and think, make a list of questions for your client. It is best to start with a brief, and if a decision is taken by a few people, do not hesitate to ask even ridiculous questions: “What colours you and your wife don’t like?”

Tip 2

Think of the feelings that will represent your logo along with the brand style. There are plenty of standards and is always understood by a majority of people – use the styles as a launching pad. As an example of styles: Art – Deco for the logo for a night club will work well or a contemporary sports style will translate into dynamism and activity.

Tip 3

Your logo should also work in black or white! It’s the law! Funny gradients of Corel Draw talk about unprofessional designs more than about the brightness of your creativity. The logo must work in a white version on a colourful and photographic background. A Logo has to look good when it printed in newspapers or go through the fax.

Tip 4

Your Logo has to be presented in a five colour palette: Black, CMYK. RGB, Hex and Pantone. Perhaps more options, but not less.

Corporate Branding by our Branding Agency

Tip 5

A Logo to be given to the client at least in two formats vector and raster, most standard options are eps, pdf and jpeg. You can propose more options according to the needs of the project.

Tip 6

Remember, with creating a Brand Identity you breathe the soul into yet lifeless yet Brand, with the signature style it takes on the character, dynamics, habits and courage. Respect the person you are creating, have in mind how your child will communicate with its neighbours (Competitors)

Corporate Branding by our Branding Agency

Tip 7

Go through books on modern design trends and get inspiring ideas. Many designers say that they do not want to steal other people’s ideas and therefore do not look at the magazines and books… Hmm… And who said that inspiration is stealing? The fact is — that those who don’t know the laws of the design can’t break them to create stunning results.
Remember the Client wants his senses engaged the moment he sees the logo. Can you do it?

If you do not have books simply check Design inspiration on Pinterest

P.S. If you are not a designer and you try to create a logo by yourself. Well, first better hire a designer. Or join my membership site and check the logo template, so that you can create a quick logo by yourself before you can hire a brand expert.

The story of my rebranding

Dear Friends,

I want to share the news I’m really excited about. Since the inception of evesphoto.com, something at the back of my mind didn’t let me have a peaceful sleep. While I was aware that good visual communication starts with a good brand, it somehow didn’t come through clearly on my site — neither the idea nor the name. The content of the site is based on my 17+ years of experience in advertising so it works for any industry.

So, I took a bold decision and now you can throw stones at me. The site now has a new name, new branding and new “me” on the cover. I hope it excites you as much as me.

The new name is brandplusphoto.com. The logo symbol is based upon the Celtic solar symbol. It not only reminds of a ‘plus’, but it is also my old logo from my initials in the Ukrainian language. The colours are blue and golden yellow.

brand plus photo

The content of the site is categorised across four areas. The main theme is dedicated to brand and branding. How to build it and how to promote it through different communication channels.

The three other directions also follow the principle theme of a brand. A photography section will include ideas tips and tricks. And a special section for food photography and food styling.

The social media segment explains about applying your branding and new photography skills to attract more customers.

The final theme is about promotion (how to promote your business or blog using design, advertising and marketing)

While the focus of the site has shifted towards entrepreneurs across industries, I will still share a lot of live examples from and for the food industry. As the company where I work, owns a restaurant, we have our food photography studio, and a branding agency dedicated to the food industry. So I have plenty of tales to share.

Hope you will like these changes as much as I do. I would love to hear from you. Please, Comment Below 🙂

Kindest regards,