What is Brand + Photo School?

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The Brand + Photo School is just like Hogwarts for your brand but real! By the time I started my first online business in 2009 (it was a blog which also sold design books from Amazon), I already had a lot of experience in branding and advertising…
Corporate Branding by our Branding Agency

7 magic tips on how to create a Brand Identity if you are new to it.

Brand Identity reflects the personality of the business. Here some practical tips on how to build it. Design for beginners, VAs and fresh designers, or for those who are just curious. Tip 1 Before you begin to create and think, make a list…
The story of my rebranding

The story of my rebranding

Dear Friends, I want to share the news I'm really excited about. Since the inception of evesphoto.com, something at the back of my mind didn't let me have a peaceful sleep. While I was aware that good visual communication starts with a good…