5 Reasons to have a better brand for successful business. Reason No 1

Once I asked a question on Google: “Which entrepreneur’s problems are solved with marketing?”. And I got millions of marketing recommendations that business has to solve the customer’s problem, the marketing companies themselves gave those ideas. But I did not find the evidence if they knew what problems do they solve! The next day, I asked the same about branding. Surprisingly, I found a lot of brand agencies which knew what they do and how they help the customers. The next day, I asked some entrepreneurs and their answers were great too. Though they couldn’t answer about marketing for sure, they could see what good branding can do to sales.

So here is the first thought on how branding can help you build a successful business, build trust and make more money with lesser effort.

Here is very straightforward and meaningful answer No. 1. – Branding helps you create a unique impression and gives you a chance to be memorable.

Bright Side: The first and most important task of branding is to create the image in the minds of your prospects. In the other words, your customers will know for sure that you are you and not just any other shop. There are thousands of methods to achieve that (we will discuss the ways too, in some other post.).

Dark side: If your Product or service is not satisfactory, they will remember you as well. And will never buy from you again. So the quality of your product is always more important than branding.

So, in conclusion, even if you have this one reason to create the brand, I would recommend doing it. But before I invest in the brand, I would invest in product, service and other technical details related to the customer’s experience.

Check all 5 reasons to have a better brand:

No. 1 “Branding helps you create a unique impression and gives you a chance to be memorable.”
No. 2 “The brand is in sharing the values and attracting like-minded people to your products and services.”
No. 3 “Good brand motivates your team and customers”
No. 4 “Branding helps you advertise effectively &creates a connection between the product and the customer.”
No. 5 “Brand adds value to your business”