Brand vs Personal Branding

Brand vs Personal Branding

Recently grabbed some random course on branding and jumped. Everything was so messed up. “The brand is you,” says the branding “expert”. Really? The girl who teaches this didn’t know what the brand is. The lessons are free and many people will learn this “truth”.

Do you want to know what is a brand and what is the difference between personal branding and branding for business? Let’s assume that you do 🙂

In a case of Personal Branding, People become brands. This practice helps them create a better connection, find more business or better jobs. But Personal Branding, when “You are the brand”, always based on the particular person behind. This concept is also called self-packaging.

On the other hand, a Company Brand is a promise which you share with your customers. The value, philosophy, style, qualities, experiences represent a single company. The brand forms an image in a client’s mind. People refer to this image any time they see your identity elements (such as a logo) on your promo materials. For example, when they see the Nike logo, they may automatically think “sport, dynamic, young”. So the Brand is a promise and the image in a customer’s mind. It’s not you, he or she. Every single person has his own image of the brand in mind. The only way you can control it is by providing consistent quality of your goods and relevant messages through various information channels. The primary goal is to create a connection between identity elements, logo, style, and your company products or services.

So, as you see while Your Personal Brand is You. The company Brand is a whole system and maybe not you at all.

Next time we will talk about who or what is going to become a Brand. You? Your Biz? Your Product?

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