How your brand different than competitor’s brands in the same niche?

How your brand different than competitor's brands in the same niche?

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Is your business already a brand? Is it look and feel different than competitor’s brands in the same niche?

When customers want to purchase a product in your niche, they often start from research. When they find your business and those of your competitors they look upon three things: Service, Quality and Price. They shortlist two or three companies based on these criteria.

In the next step, they compare a few chosen businesses in detail. At this stage, they decide based on the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). If your proposal is better, you win the chance to impress a new customer, but sometimes it’s just the way to the next step.

When a client needs more clarity, he starts looking for the relevance of his core values. Many customers may start from the step three. But nevertheless, let’s look at these values carefully.

The idea, Values, Philosophy, Cause, And Brand Positioning, must be defined when you start to build the brand. Based on this, the visual elements will be created. Clearly, if you only use the red colour one or two fonts and a recognisable logo, your audience will be able to recognise you, but they will still respect you for the ideas behind your brand.

So what does your brand need to do to be different than the competitors brand?

  • First, the Idea, Values and Cause.
  • Second, Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Third, a proper balance between Service/Operation, Quality and Price.

All three have to be clear to your Target Audience, and different than those of your competitor’s.

Have a nice day and be different 🙂

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