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What makes a strong brand?

Bill Bernbach once said — Word of mouth is the best medium of all. A strong brand belongs to people. They want to communicate with it, build the relationship with it, they are eager to recommend it and be a part of its tribe. Strongest brands always research what they customers want and what they […]

How to brief your remote creative team if you are a coach or online entrepreneur?

When you grow your business, you will need to delegate and brief your team. Obviously, as an entrepreneur, you can’t do everything by yourself. But here is the mistake that majority of entrepreneurs do. They hire a designer, a VA, a copywriter, some tech people, advertising coach, business coach, and few other people and then […]

How to get known in your industry when you are a coach or a small online business?

The corporate world and the entrepreneurial world are very different. While one is suppressing individuals to make them a valuable part of a well-maintained machine, the world of solopreneurs is more about self-development and growth. Women often leave the corporate career in search of a purpose and their lost individuality. No wonder, when they hear about […]