7 magic tips on how to create a Brand Identity if you are new to it.

Corporate Branding by our Branding Agency

Brand Identity reflects the personality of the business. Here some practical tips on how to build it. Design for beginners, VAs and fresh designers, or for those who are just curious.

Tip 1

Before you begin to create and think, make a list of questions for your client. It is best to start with a brief, and if a decision is taken by a few people, do not hesitate to ask even ridiculous questions: “What colours you and your wife don’t like?”

Tip 2

Think of the feelings that will represent your logo along with the brand style. There are plenty of standards and is always understood by a majority of people – use the styles as a launching pad. As an example of styles: Art – Deco for the logo for a night club will work well or a contemporary sports style will translate into dynamism and activity.

Tip 3

Your logo should also work in black or white! It’s the law! Funny gradients of Corel Draw talk about unprofessional designs more than about the brightness of your creativity. The logo must work in a white version on a colourful and photographic background. A Logo has to look good when it printed in newspapers or go through the fax.

Tip 4

Your Logo has to be presented in a five colour palette: Black, CMYK. RGB, Hex and Pantone. Perhaps more options, but not less.

Corporate Branding by our Branding Agency

Tip 5

A Logo to be given to the client at least in two formats vector and raster, most standard options are eps, pdf and jpeg. You can propose more options according to the needs of the project.

Tip 6

Remember, with creating a Brand Identity you breathe the soul into yet lifeless yet Brand, with the signature style it takes on the character, dynamics, habits and courage. Respect the person you are creating, have in mind how your child will communicate with its neighbours (Competitors)

Corporate Branding by our Branding Agency

Tip 7

Go through books on modern design trends and get inspiring ideas. Many designers say that they do not want to steal other people’s ideas and therefore do not look at the magazines and books… Hmm… And who said that inspiration is stealing? The fact is — that those who don’t know the laws of the design can’t break them to create stunning results.
Remember the Client wants his senses engaged the moment he sees the logo. Can you do it?

If you do not have books simply check Design inspiration on Pinterest

P.S. If you are not a designer and you try to create a logo by yourself. Well, first better hire a designer. Or join my membership site and check the logo template, so that you can create a quick logo by yourself before you can hire a brand expert.

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