25 useful resources and tools to use for your branding

25 useful resources and tools to use for your branding

When I got this question for the first time, I was confused. What tools do we use for branding? Hmm, my answer was between every tool to there are no tools. So here is the list that may help you to add some “branding tools” to your collection.


The brand foundation is always about why, values, mission and vision and so on. The best way to get inspiration for new entrepreneurs and coaches are available here in these resources:


We need to learn all the time. It’s undeniable. Some resources for learning might be:


Yes, successful, consistent branding is a lot about good design no doubts. Tools for design:


You can learn how to improve your copy, but another important part is grammar. Here are the resources about copy:


“Spreading the word” is one of the best ways to grow your business especially when you share valuable content. But where to add it? Well, it depends on your business, fish where fish are.
Here are few Ideas:

Hope this list gave you an idea or inspiration. I use all these tools to work with my brand or with my client’s brands. Sure, there are many more resources. If you have your favourite share it in the comments below. Let’s learn from each other.

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