How to create a better restaurant review blog post with your photography

There are many food bloggers who like to review restaurants and share their recipes on social media. Sounds good, isn’t it? But let’s see how it looks. Some media gurus of questionable expertise recommend that you can put just anything online and people will love it. Well, they may appreciate your thoughts, for sure, but will they buy from you, will they trust you just by seeing your images? Probably no. Why? Because they just don’t take you seriously enough. So shall we photograph with that huge DSLR, you may ask? Not, again. Photography is never about the camera, it is always about the play of light and shadows. And if you are familiar with this play, you will be able to produce better pictures.

So, how to take good food pictures or restaurant photos for your food blog with a smartphone? Check it out.

First of all the Idea

What are you going to highlight in your blog post today? Are you talking about a dish? Are you reviewing the restaurant and your attention is on the interiors, services, and clients? Are you are taking an interview of some owner, manager, or chef?
Decide what you are going to focus and make some list with drafts. This list has to give you ideas and answer what has to be photographed to illustrate your story. It will save a lot of time and give inspiration.

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Secondly, once you are on location — find the light!

Light is the most important element of photography. Don’t think that a photo, taken in a poor light condition, may attract your readers. Unlike you, they didn’t see this restaurant, they didn’t eat here, didn’t appreciate the aroma of the food or background music. It’s your job to translate all these experiences with mere words and visuals. And if your images are looking not up to the mark, you may create a very bad impression about a good place or a good dish. Well, no need to say, that it will neither attract readers nor help to monetize your blog.
So, if the light is so important then find it. Search for the biggest source of light, such as a window, alternatively create your own light source, or just don’t click the picture. Yes, you heard me right. If you planned your shoot in advance, you will find the light. But if not, then better click the picture of the restaurant entrance or the signage in a good light condition. Also, you may tell the restaurant manager that you are going to review the restaurant and the dish on your blog. Then ask for the permission to use artificial light to create really great pictures.

Lumie Series Muse LED Light

Check this little magic lights by Manfrotto, they may help you a lot in this situation.

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The third component is the story behind

The blog is always a storytelling. Let your pictures follow the text. When your fans are reading the review and enjoying the copy and illustrations, it’s just awesome. They may like to share it as well. Do not add too many pictures, choose only the best.

So, the great restaurant review is not difficult. Amazing ideas, good pictures, interesting text and voila — post is ready. Now, go on, share it with your friends and readers on social media.

Learn photography basics

Photography is about a lot of fun and a lot of skills too. While clicking is a common joy for many people, skills are yet to be conquered. Well, the technical knowledge may be boring. After all, it gives us a chance to make great pictures not only for your business but also of your family and friends. So, study hard and take even more fun after that.
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If you like to know something specific please share in the comments below!
Cheers 😉

How to write a good copy for your Brand

At Eve’s Photo School, I’m teaching you how to create the visual communication for your brand, how to create photographs and how to start appealing conversation with your customers just by using pictures. But, there is another side of it — the copywriting. From the time of Ogilvy, most of the advertising agencies picked up the idea that the good ads have to be created by a duo copywriter plus art director. The visual communication is crucial, but copywriting is equally important for your brand. Hey, you may say, you just told us to click the pics and make a good brand, do I need to write too? Well, let’s be honest, yes. As I’m not a copywriter, I’m not going to teach you how to write, but I know who will.
Three years ago, I was listening for Ramit Sethi on Creative Life and I have followed his ideas since then. This guy is all about a strategy and he gives tons of good ideas for your business. He is a big fan of a long copy and like to send tremendously valuable e-mails to subscribers. Recently, he invited all of us for a four-day Copywriting Bootcamp. And, I’m obviously going to learn something new there. Want to study there too? Here is the link, check it out.

P.S. It’s free 😉