I have 2 very different businesses and am wondering if I need separate brands. Your Brand Q&A Series.

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Jennifer asks:
I have 2 very different businesses and am wondering if I need separate brands, or if they could both somehow fit under one brand?

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There are three scenarios in this situation.

First, you choose to run two businesses and two brands separately. Both will attract utterly different public and will never cross.
Pros: It will give you the freedom to make decisions independently without positioning yourself as a Jack of all threads. Cons: You will have to spend more time and money on the marketing.

In the second scenario, you will choose the more profitable business and leave the other for some time until you established the first one. Pros: You can be focused, it can give you an excellent positioning, you can earn more. Cons: the other business may not survive for such a long time without your attention.

The third option is more creative, in this scenario, you can try to combine both businesses in such a way that they enhance or compliment each other.
For example, in Jennifer’s case, one business is a consultancy, and the other business is a Etsy shop with Ukrainian heritage inspired accessories. Both look different, have a distinct audience and at first glance are not connected. So how to combine them?

The most typical ways are; by the approach, by the audience/product/service similarity, by a cause. I would choose a cause in this case. And would collaborate with some charity in Ukraine. For example “60% of the profit from this shop goes to help families who lost their houses due to the Russian invasion. You can buy these accessories or help to the organisation directly here is the contact/site/email”. And when you give this much to charity you just need to increase your prices a bit so that your business is still profitable.

What does it do? It positions you as a person who cares about your heritage and a cause. It makes your business recognisable. You help someone. It doesn’t disturb your consultancy but can even attract people to it. So in this scenario, brands can coexist and help each other to grow!

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